About PHC

The Best way to Learn History is to Experience History!

Pioneer Heritage Company is comprised of  living historians dedicated to the preservation and study of the Mormon Pioneers from 1830 – 1869 in Ohio, Illinois, across the Plains, and in Utah.    Pioneer Heritage Company is a non profit Living History organization, with emphasis on authenticity and education.  

We see ourselves as Experimental Archaeologists and Ambassadors of Time.

As Archaeologists, we actively research to continually learn and establish facts about the life & times of the Mormon Pioneers.  Our research is accompanied by experimentation in historical situations, using the foods, tools, clothing, weapons, and methods authentic to those used by the early pioneers.   Believing that the best ways to preserve history is to live it and to share it, we communicate this research and the results of our  experimentation with others through educational public events, workshops, lectures, and  publications.

While education of the public is our primary goal, we strive for our common interest and “work” to be beneficial and enjoyable for members and guests alike.

As Ambassadors of  Time, we see it as our mission to tell the stories of the lives of the Mormon Pioneers.  Our core impression is of the citizens of  Utah from 1847 – 1869 and life on the Mormon Trail.   We expect a high degree of authenticity in dress and presentation from our members and a willingness to use this level of authenticity to tell the story of the women and men who followed the dictates of their own beliefs to create a society out of the desert wasteland.

We feel strongly that the past teaches us and prepares for the future.  There are many lessons to be learned from the lives of the Mormon Pioneers.   We also feel that in today’s world families need time to be together, away from all the technology, time to bond, time to teach, time to love.   We want our activities and events to be for families to participate together.

Our volunteer members participate in living history events and are available for presentations at schools, civic organizations and other educational gatherings.  Members will help produce and procure items for the group impression and assist in Pioneer Heritage Company projects.


Creating an authentic historical impression involves an ever-growing knowledge of manners and mannerisms, attitude, deportment, speech patterns, news and culture of the period, including material culture.    Continual improvement  of our impression is an ongoing work, aided by research, sharing and mutual encouragement.