New resource page — Reccommended Suppliers

Pioneer Heritage Company Brings you our list of Recommended Suppliers of Living History supplies, patterns, dry goods, and more.

While this list is in no ways comprehensive, Pioneer Heritage Company  recommends that you do your research first, before making any purchase.    Prices and quality will vary from supplier to supplier.    From time to time you will find great deals at a particular online auction site, but as always ask questions, do your research and bid with caution.

We only recommend suppliers that we like to buy from.   These are suppliers that maintain high quality & authenticity standards.  We hope you enjoy purusing our recommendations.  We will do our best to keep this list up to date with new suppliers as we find them.

You will find suppliers for Period Clothing Patterns, Tinware, Basket Making, Firearms, Uniforms, Hats, Shoes & Boots, Textiles, Tents & Canvas, and much more.

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New Additions to our Pioneer Resources

Make Your Own Stilts & Graces Games

At the Scandinavian Festival on May 27 &28 in Ephraim, Ut, we featured our pioneer stilts and garces games.  Now you can make your very own stilts and graces. 

We have included instructions to make these games and how to play these games.

Continue the fun at home or with your scout troop.

Click on  Pioneer Resources Page, then click the Games & Toys link